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Cramond Village

Cramond, a holiday at home, the beach! The closest you’ll come to the sandy shores of Sardinia while being a 10-minute drive away from a cheese pasty and a warm cream soda. Cramond is one of Scotland’s oldest areas dating back to around 8500bc. Cramond has survived the roman empire who arrived by boat on command of Emperor Antoninus Pius in 142, it’s survived the medieval era with remnants still present to this day in forms of towers, paths and piers. And now Cramond has survived Edinburgh Van Man! From wardrobes, sofa beds and piano’s, Cramond has been the home of countless removals by the hands of Edinburgh Van Man. Every time Edinburgh Van Man gets the treat of making a trip to Cramond we pack a suitcase, trunks and a picnic because it’s always special. Each house we have visited in Cramond is completely different, small arching doors lay homage to the French who arrived to start a new life, unfortunately making it extremely difficult to angle a three-piece suite every conceivable way that allows it to leave the house. When we do manage to leave the house, broken and mossy cobble streets, laid by our Victorian ancestors, lead us down nearer our van. Even though each removal in Cramond is always going to be a difficult one they never have a boring ending because once that sofa is in the back of the van, Edinburgh Van Man gets to take a huge breath of fresh, salty air and get a cone made complete with a flake.

Cramond clearly is a special place to us and the people of Edinburgh. Studies have shown that since the 1980s Cramond beach has been visited more than 10,000,000 times, only 1,000,000 of those visits were us. From our experience Cramond beach is better kept than beaches in the Mediterranean, Spain and France, from litter to pollution. People who visit the beach seem to leave it the same way that they found it, clean. There is nothing worse to us at Edinburgh Van Man than littering and Cramond is one of the cleanest beaches on the planet.

Cramond is not only home to lovely people, ice cream and the beach. It’s also home to a historic archeological dig that took place in 1987. Just 100 meters from the foot of Brighouse Park Rigg, archaeologists found more than 10 perfectly preserved fossils of the Sauropod, the Coelophysoids and the Ornithopods. Cramond is so great that even the dinosaurs needed to take a break from driving their cars and doing their taxes. You really just can’t beat Cramond! Totally unbelievable that people have looked after Cramond so well and for so long that we were able to find evidence of dinosaurs in Edinburgh.

To Edinburgh Van Man, Cramond is a place that we always love to visit. Hang the boots up, throw the van keys to the side and get a fish and chips is just unmatchable in any other part of Edinburgh. If you ever need a removal done in Cramond just know to call us. Why? Because we love it!