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Decluttering Your Home

Decluttering Your House

Packing Your Belongings

Your house should be the most comfortable place on the planet! But do you every get home, take your shoes off, hang your jacket up and sit on the sofa only to find that you’ve forgotten to wash the dishes, do the laundry and take out the rubbish! It’s an absolute nightmare but there’s hope! With the help from Edinburgh Van Man, we are going to give you all the tips and tricks we have learned with our over 10 years of work experience to make sure that your clutter and troubles disappear!

Write a to do list to start. There are so many different benefits that you can get from just tidying up a little. The only and best way to start this tidy up is to write a to do list that details every step you are going to take in order to better yourself and the environment that you live, eat and sleep in. This to do list should include each step you are prepared to take, and you’ll find that if you follow the list everything will become much easier, and you’ll be finished in a flash. This to do list should keep your brain focused on each individual task and allows you to not worry about all the distractions around you.

Next is to find a small corner of the room in which you put all the things you just can’t decide what to do with. Have you ever been cleaning up and found a t shirt that you love but just don’t want to wear on just any old day? Well find a corner and put it there and when you have finished the deep clean of your environment then you can start to deal with these things and begin to decide where they all go. This will stop you from worrying over each interruption that crosses your path.

Store Everything Safely

Next is to turn yourself into a better person. How you might be asking? Well, those clothes that you grew out of or just don’t wear anymore can be all put into a bin bag, tied and thrown at the front door. Call Edinburgh Van Man on 07309 544226 or visit our website to get a free quote and we will come to pick up those old clothes and take them to the charity shop. If you just have to many clothes or other possessions that you can’t donate them, you should consider selling them online from your own house! This can be a great solution and even add a few extra zeros to the end of your bank account.

Now that you have a clean and healthy environment to live in you can hopefully begin to focus more on your health and be a more focused and determined person. You might have even made some money just from the tips that we gave you here. So, go out and buy yourself a new sofa or fridge and give us a call to pick up and drop it off!