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Morningside was a small village founded in the 12th century and was home to mostly farms and a few estates. Each small street and alley of Morningside holds so much history that us at Edinburgh Van Man get to explore through almost every day. Take the old library for example, it opened its doors in 1904 and was ruled as one of the busiest libraries in Scotland throughout the 1970s. Now we were not around to see that or even help them move in but as of 2020, we at Edinburgh Van Man have helped dispose of thousands of books supplied by the Library.

The library is truly historical to Morningside but maybe not as historical as one of the few remaining independently owned cinemas in Scotland, The Dominion. We at Edinburgh Van Man may not have helped the family at Dominion just yet but we have definitely spent a few nights crying, laughing and cheering in those luxury recliner seats with a bag of popcorn in one hand and a large coke in the other. Morningside is lucky to have such a beautiful and well-kept cinema on their doorstep.

Morningside holds some of the most diverse and amazing culture Edinburgh has to offer. Traveling through the area is a sight to see even when we do not have to stop. But when we get the pleasure of stopping it makes our day. We have helped many people who come and go through Morningside and whenever the holiday starts to creep in and that enormous tree is placed right in the centre of the area next to the lit up clocktower we always have to take a picture. Morningside knows how to do the holidays the right way every year and we know that this year will not be an exception.

Morningside Today

At Edinburgh Van Man, it’s not only the people of Morningside that make the area so great for us to work in, but also the food and drink too. From the Hermitage Bar to the small cafes set up sporadically along the main road, we never go short of choices. Moving a flat from Leith to Morningside is always a tough job (Even for us!) but at the end of the day it is always sweetened by the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, The Steak Bake! The Greg’s on Colinton road has kept us going all these years and remains a staple to the workers and students of Morningside.

So, Morningside maybe one of the nicer areas that we get to travel to but that doesn’t mean it lacks culture, diversity and most importantly good food. We continue to help the people of Morningside to this day and hopefully for the years to come.