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Summer In Edinburgh

Feeling hot? I bet you are considering in Edinburgh it was 32 degrees! Unbelievable temperatures all around the country but don’t worry because I’m here to let you know how you can overcome the heat and get back to feeling cool and comfortable. 

The first is to go to Amazon or eBay and buy yourself a 2-litre bottle preferably made of aluminium to keep your water cool all day! Fill it up and make sure you drink 2 of these per day. This may seem daunting or impossible however it has countless health benefits and can even improve your sleep! Trust me on this one it is a no-brainer. 

Next, buy a small clip-on desk fan and a humidifier. Set the humidifier up behind or below the fan and let the fan pull the freezing air onto your face and instantly breath and feel better. This can be a pricey solution however look for a secondhand humidifier on eBay or Facebook marketplace and save yourself some money. Both of these will act as a makeshift air conditioning system and cool the entire room in just a few minutes. 

Last on this list might be a bit obvious but stay inside if you can. As a Van Man we do not get the luxury of staying inside as much as we would like to but if it is an option for you then do not leave your room! With the sun raining down on you it can feel all too overwhelming, and you will regret leaving the sanctuary of your nice cold room very quickly. 

With all these tips you will be able to survive the heatwave and ultimately stay cool! Please stay safe out there and stay hydrated.