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Korean Munchies

As a Edinburgh Van Man we are always on the lookout for new and interesting restaurants or takeaways in and around Edinburgh, with our most recent trip we stopped at a small Korean restaurant/takeaway called Korean Munchies on Nicolson Street. As soon as we set foot in the shop, we knew we were in for a treat, and they did not disappoint. 

We ordered Yangnyum Dakgangjung which was described as deep-fried crispy chicken bites served with a sweet chili glaze. We also ordered their chicken Korean curry described as white rice, Korean curry sauce, spring onions and kimchi. Within 5-10 minutes of ordering our food it was already in front of us, piping hot and smelling delicious. 

The first bite of both dishes was completely unbelievable! Extremely tender chicken, incredibly seasoned sauces and perfectly cooked rice, we were pleasantly surprised that what looked unassuming from the outside was cooking up such perfection inside. 

The price was reasonable, being £9 for the bites and £9.50 for the curry, both of which filled us up before our next job.

My only criticism would be that the restaurant does not offer a meal with a drink as the price of the drinks ranged from £1.80 for a can of coke to £2.50 for Korean imported soft drinks which is understandable considering the are imported however a meal w/drink (at a slightly higher price) would be appreciated and would round out the experience far more. 

Overall, this small shop that you most likely regularly pass on a day to day without giving a moment’s thought turned out to be one of the best food spots we have been to in Edinburgh to date. Reasonable prices, quality food and nice atmosphere this is definitely a restaurant Edinburgh Van Man recommends.